HBA Club

WFMW offers the HBA Club!  A long time service for our listeners!

Monday through Saturday (Sunday’s announcements are belated on Monday) we announce those birthdays and anniversarys submitted by you.

We broadcast the submitted names in the mornings and afternoons.  Monday’s announcements are at 6:40am.  Tuesday through Saturday’s announcements are at 7:40am.

Each day’s selected celebrant of the day receives:

     *  Two dozen donut holes, courtesy of Golden Glaze Bakery and Deli

     *  A rose in paper, courtesy of Town and Country Florist

     *  Three free games of bowling at Melody Lanes Bowling Center

     *  A free decorated cupcake from Lady L Cakes and Creations
(If an anniversary is selected, each celebrant receives both prizes, except for the bud vase, which is a shared prize)

To send in a birthday or anniversary:
     *  Mail in your submission to HBA Club, WFMW, PO Box 338, Madisonville, KY  42431
     *  E-mail them to hbaclub@wfmw.net
     *  Drop them off at our studios at 2380 N Main St, Madisonville KY  42431

Or fill out the entry form below and send it in…

  • Lyn Reeves

    I wake up to WFMW every morning.

  • Amy Greer

    Notice the picture on the wall.. 🙂