Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

FOOD SCORES THRU Feb. 23, 2017

Center Street Bar & Grill (new-formerly Blackwell’s) 98
Ice scoop improperly stored

Ideal Mkt Deli (Hanson Rd.) 98
Small cooler not keeping proper temperature

Grace School Café 100

South Side school Café 100

West Hopkins School Café 100

Dawson Springs School Café 100

James Madison School Café 100

Jesse Stuart School Café 100

Acapulco Mexican Grill 93
Dish racks stored on floor
Box of produce on floor
Bowl without handle used as scoop
Food/liquid spillage on counter top in bar
Lid missing on ice machine bin

Pizza Hut 98
Cooler leaking water onto floor
Drink nozzles need cleaning

Big City Market/Coffee Bar 97
Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer
Box of food stored on floor