Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Hopkins County Health Department
Restaurant Inspections from August 23, 2013 – August 29, 2013
By: April H. Cullen
Environmental Secretary

Bo Bo Restaurant – 97
Minor violations:
·         Ice machine door not properly working
·         Foods not properly covered
Browning Springs School – 100
No violations
Hopkins County Central High School Cafeteria – 98
Minor violation:
·         Dumpster overflowing
Huck’s Food - 92 (South Main)
Minor violations:
·         Hair restraints needed
·         Wiping cloths not property stored
·         Light shields in need of repair
·         Spillage in cooling units
·         Floors in need of cleaning/repair
·         Ice scoop not properly stored
·         Inside ice machine needs cleaning
·         Spillage around coffee area
Ideal Market – 99 (Nortonville)
Minor violation:
·         Debris build up on bread container
Kroger – 100
No violations
Lady L. Cakes & Creations – 100
No violations
Mt Fuji – 99
Minor violation:
·         Clean inside ice machine
Panther Pizzeria – 99
Minor violation:
·         Ceiling in need of repair

The Pentecostals of Lone Star – 100
No violations
Pizza Hut – 97
Minor Violations:
·         Cooling/heating unit in back room in need of cleaning
·         Container needs to be labeled
·         Wall/ceiling in need of repair
·         Sauce containers in need of cleaning
Ponderosa Steak House – 92
Minor violations:
·         Cold water handle broken at hand sink
·         Bowl used as scoop in powdered sugar
·         Napkins stored on floor
·         Food stored on floor in walk-in freezer
·         Soiled wiping cloth stored on counter top
Quality Quick – 96 (W. Noel)
Minor violations:
·         Foods not properly stored
·         Floors in need of repair
·         Freezer in need of repair
South Hopkins Middle School Cafeteria – 100
No violations
Southside – 100
No violations
West Broadway Grade School – 100
No violations
The next food training class will be on September 10, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  If you or your employees would like to enroll, please call April at (270) 821-5242 ext 263.
If for any reason you can’t make the scheduled food training class, we will be willing to schedule different times or days.

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