Local Ballot Loaded with Candidates

     Today (Tuesday) was the deadline for candidate filings in this year's elections.

     There were a few interesting, last-minute filings.  Long-time Hopkins County Clerk Devra Steckler withdrew at the last minute and Deputy Clerk Keenan Fatliff got on the ballot and is the only person running for the seat.  Another last minute filing was Madisonville businessman Tony Smith, who will be running against incumbent Billy Smith for his Madisonvnille City Council seat.

     In other races, 1st Distrcit U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield will face the winner of the primary contest between Wesley Bolin and Charles Hatchett.

     For 6th District State Senate, former Madisonville Mayor Will Cox has a primary opponent in M. Douglas Smith of Fordsville.   The winner of that contest will go against C. B. Embry of Morgantown.

     In the 9th District State Representative race, Earlington Mayor Mike seiber will go against Myoron Dossett in the general election.  And in the 12th District State Representative race, it's Democrat Jim Gooch against Dianne Burns Macky.

     Madisonville Mayor David Jackson will no face any opposition.

     The Hopkins County Judge-Exexutive race pitts uncumbent Donald Carroll against Ben Waide in the fall.

     Hopkins County Attorney Todd P'Pool is being challenged in the general election by Byron Hobgood.

     The Hopkins County Sheriff's race is between incumbent Frank Latham and Matt Sanderson in the fall.

     The race for 4th District Judge division is a three-way contest with David Massamore, Randall Hardesty and Shaun McEntire.  And in the 4th District Judge Division Two race, Karen Deerdorff is running against William Whitledge.

Primary Candidates List Released by the Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
Hopkins County Judge-Executive
                (R)  F L “Ben” Waide
                (D)  Donald E Carroll
Hopkins County Clerk
                (D)  Kennan Alise Ratliff
Hopkins County Sheriff
                (R)  Matt Sanderson
                (D)  Frank Latham
Hopkins County Jailer
                (D)  Joe Blue
Hopkins County Attorney
                (R)  Todd P’Pool
                (D)  Byron Lee Hobgood
Property Valuation Administrator
                (D)  Pamela J Adams Love
Hopkins County Coroner
                (D)  Dennis H Mayfield
Hopkins County Surveyor
                (D)  Thomas W Crabtree
Magistrate District 1
                (D)  David K Crick
                (D)  Karol Welch
Magistrate District 2
                (D)  Linda P Todd
                (D)  Pryce B Littlepage
                (D)  David J Offutt
                (D)  Mike Bryant
Magistrate District 3
                (D)  Vicki Dickerson Thomison
                (R)  Dianne Coleman
Magistrate District 4
                (D)  Jimmie Ray
                (D)  Larry E Wilson
                (R)  Jack Whitfield, Jr.
Magistrate District 5
                (D)  James D Harris
Magistrate District 6
                (D)  Charlie G Beshears
Magistrate District 7
                (D)  Hannah Miner Myers
                (D)  Patricia “Patti” Hawkins
                (D)  Thomas Crockett
Constable District 2
                (D)  Darrel R Todd
Constable District 4
                (D)  Janet Adams-Vaughn
Constable District 5
                (R)  Bryan Scott Anderson
Constable District 6
                (D)  Michael Ray Todd
Constable District 7
                (D)  David Anderson
Madisonville Mayor
                (R)  David Jackson
Madisonville City Council Ward 1
                (R)  Mark D Lee
                (D)  Frank L Gaither
Madisonville City Council Ward 2
                (D)  Tom Morgan
Madisonville City Council Ward 3
                (D)  Raymond Marion, Jr.
Madisonville City Council Ward 4
                (D)  Barry McGaw
Madisonville City Council Ward 5
                (R)  Frank Stevenson
Madisonville City Council Ward 6
                (D)  Billy H Smith
                (D)  Tony Smith