Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Food Scores thru Feb. 26, 2014
Madisonville Donuts  96
Pan touching uncovered bacon
Scoop (no handle) touching food product
Madisonville Marketplace  94
Door gaskets on both warmer and cooler needs repairing
Hand towels not found at some sinks
Floor in walk-in cooler needs repairing
Duct tape used on cleaning tool
Scoop handle touching food product
Dust/lint build-up on ceiling vent cover in milk walk-in
Tumbleweed  94
Pan touching uncovered potatoes
Liquid spillage in bottom of prep cooler
Cooler door needs repairing
Dish racks stored on floor
Ideal Market (Nortonville)  99
Dust/lint build-up on shelf above pizza shelf
Lone Star Pentecostal Church  99
Deep freeze door in need of repair
Sonic (North Main)  98
Liquid spillage in bottom of prep cooler
Debris build-up under shelves in walk-in freezer
Sonic (South Main)  93
Butter scoop improperly stored
Liquid spillage in front of walk-in cooler door
Pretzel hot dog buns stored on floor in walk-in freezer
Sink leaking in restroom
Ice machine guard needs repairing
H.C. Central High School Café  99
Warmer door not closing properly
Grace School Café  100

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