Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Food scores thru March 26, 2014
Hardee’s  96
Water and debris on floor in various areas
Food spillage around door gasket on ice cream freezer
Hole in bottom shelf in upright cooler/freezer
Dust/Lint buildup on ceiling vents in biscuit area
Holes in wall in various places
West KY Speedway  100
Ideal Market  (Princeton Rd, Mad.) 100
Pizza Hut  95
Food/Water spillage in cooling units
Towels needed by hand sinks
Cups not properly stored
NHC Health Care  97
Wiping cloths not properly stored
Eggs not properly stored
Hobo Mickey’s Pizza House  98
Hair restraints needed by employees
Huck’s (south main)  95
Cups stored on floor
Fryer vents need cleaning
Spillage in various cooling units
Light shield needed on light
Fan guard in cooler needs cleaning
Spillage in microwave (used by public)
Spillage in fountain drink/coffee kiosk in lobby
Food Safety Training 2nd Tuesday of each month.
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Locations : Hopkins County